I've always loved being behind the camera, but it wasn't until spring of 2017 that I splurged on my first full frame camera. At the time I was (and still am) fascinated with astro photography so I spent that summer in the darkest places I could find, admiring the skies. That same fall, some family & friends requested family photos. It was intended to just be a way to supplement my expensive hobby, but instead I discovered how much I enjoyed photographing people, in beautiful landscapes.

My approach

My number one goal while shooting is to get my clients comfortable. Once you're able to get out of your head and let loose, that is when the magic happens. I capture moments as they naturally unfold and try to incorporate motion into my images to give them a more candid feel. I may give you prompts or actions to do, and might even throw in some silly suggestions just to get a reaction.

A little more about me

  • I love flannel and wear socks with birkenstocks
  • I'm an obsessed dog mom and attempting to be a crazy plant lady.
  • I enjoy a good book, but listen to them more then I read them
  • My favorite place I've ever been is Montana, I lived there for 7 years and want to move back some day
  • In the winters you'll find me snowboarding through the cascades and likely ending the day at a local brewery. All other seasons, you'll find me camping, hiking, and fishing the rivers of Washington



“These days, it seems everyone knows a photographer, but Brit is an artist. She has an eye for light, color, and composition that make a portrait something you would actually want to hang on your wall as art. Her work is so beautiful, she captures those little moments that seem insignificant, but those are the pieces of life worth cherishing.”