Gallatin River - Gallatin Gateway, Montana

In 2012 my husband (then boyfriend) and I were living in Bozeman while he finished up school at Montana State. Through mutual friends we met Austen and ended up renting a house with him. Shortly after he met Jackie, and they were pretty much inseparable from the very beginning. She moved in right away, and shortly after that they got their first golden Ziggy. I pretty much won the lottery to gain a new bff that just happened to have an adorable puppy, and liked to snowboard. Needless to say the four of us spent a lot of time together not just at home, cooking, and partying and doing what college kids do, but also on the river, in the mountains and under the stars. It was actually Austen that taught us to fly fish and today we are so thankful for that, since now it is one of our favorite things to do together.

We came to Montana for a friends wedding and since it was only a few months past A + J's one year wedding anniversary we spent some time along the banks like we used to, only this time one more golden named Tippet has joined their pack. It was as if nothing had changed and everything had at the same time, It's been seven years since our time together at the Beall house, yet we picked up right where we left off.